Master Teacher of Woodturning Carmen Liza Rosario

How I met Liza
I met Liza last February in Puerto Rico while traveling with my sister and my cousin and instantly fell in love with her and her work. She is such a charming woman, talkative, kind, and sweet.
We asked about her and how she had learned the art of woodturning, and she told us the story of she and her dad and how he had passed away a couple of years ago. I could feel a strong sense of sadness. Liza misses her dad so much that she hasn't been able to work on some wood pieces again.
Her eyes filled with tears -  a mix of joy and sadness - as we bought the last pieces she created with her father. We promised to take good care of them as we melted in a warm embrace.
I believe we don't meet people by mere coincidence. We were meant to cross each other's paths to grow, to help, and to learn. After talking to my travel companions about ways to help Liza, we came up with the idea of adding some of her products to Coco Stripes. 
I'm thrilled to announce that we are adding some unique pieces created by Liza Rosario to Coco Stripes to celebrate Earth's Day and Mother's Day, so stay tuned my friends!
Learn more about Liza Rosario
Carmen Liza Rosario is considered the first Puerto Rican woman to accept the challenge of turning wood, a job that until then was only exercised by men. She opened the door for other women to practice woodturning in Puerto Rico. 
She creates pieces of high quality and beauty, works ranging from the most traditional and utilitarian, such as wooden vessels and cooking pots, to the most modern and decorative, such as turned ceramic plates.
She learned this craft from a young age with her father, Don Francisco Rosario, a Great Master of Woodturning who passed a few years ago.

Liza is well known in Puerto Rico for her excellent work and has been recognized along with her father on countless occasions by private companies and PR Government Agencies such as the Instituto de Cultura y La Compañia de Fomento Industrial.

Liza Rosario in Puerto Rico