7 Ideas for a More Eco-friendly Easter

One of the things that were so confusing when I came to the United States was Easter bunnies. What do they have to do with Jesus? 
Although I don't completely understand why bunnies, eggs, and chicks are part of Easter celebrations, it is wonderful to see families coming together, celebrating life, renewal, and new beginnings.
On the flip side, Easter has a problem: All the dang plastic! Plastic eggs and plastic grass are the worst, in my opinion.
I'm certainly not trying to make anyone feel bad about giving their kids baskets or candy. Sometimes we want to reduce our waste but are unsure how to do it.
That's why I'm sharing with you 7 Ideas for a More Eco-friendly Easter:
  1. Ditch the plastic eggs. If you already have them, reuse them every year. Most of them end up in a landfill due to their un-recyclable nature. Use real eggs, wooden eggs, or hide the candy around the house.
  2. Buy eggs locally. Support farmers who treat their animals properly. The eggs are more nutritious and much, much tastier.
  3. Dye your eggs with natural dyes instead of petroleum-based dyes. Even if you don’t eat the eggs you color for Easter, conventional dyes have chemicals that can get on kids’ hands during the process.
  4. Easter grass. It is bad for the environment and wildlife can mistake it for actual vegetation and ingest it. Instead, shred up a paper bag or old wrapping paper, use a beautiful cloth, or skip the grass altogether.
  5. Baskets. Reuse a cute basket you already own. Buy a second-hand Easter basket if you don't have any. Avoid purchasing (or making) an Easter basket wrapped in see-through plastic.
  6. Basket Goodies. Consider books, a small plant that children can take care of, and plastic-free candy.
  7. Spend the day with your family and friends. Try making a vegan dish. Use reusable plates, cups, utensils, and napkins. They are so much nicer than disposables anyway.

I'm by no means perfect at living a zero-waste lifestyle, but I like learning and making small changes at a time.

Hoppy Easter!