Hi there! I'm Magda.Magda Ang, Coco Sripes founder, at Greenfield Park

I am motivated every day by my deep love for nature and my family. I am a wife to my husband Alberto, my #1 fan who supports me in everything I do, and an imperfect but loving mama to Esau and Zaira. 

I'm a Harry Potter fan, a perfectionist in recovery, a visual person with a bit of OCD, a chocolate fan, and a moon and sunset lover. You can usually find me in jeans and a t-shirt, working at the computer or playing with my two fur babies.

I am originally from Mexico, and I feel like we all Mexicans are zero-waste wannabes without knowing it. We reuse every container, every bag, and every piece of clothing until it can't hold anymore, lol! 

My real zero-waste journey started in 2008 when I taught Environmental Science to teenagers in middle school. I quickly became passionate about our planet, and my students could tell. They became even more passionate than I, and we learned how small and consistent changes could lead to a cleaner planet and a healthier lifestyle.

The most common objection I hear regarding zero-waste is that it doesn't matter what we do – we are too small to make a difference. 

I know that bringing my reusable shopping bags or switching to a bamboo toothbrush won't change the world overnight, but it only takes one person to start a ripple effect—every bit matters! The more people reduce waste, and the more we ask for better legislation, the more impact we will have.

So here I am, using the power of business as a driving force for change. Because I believe together, we can change the world, that our choices matter, and that we can impact future generations for good.

We only have one planet Earth. What can we do today to care for the one place that has given us so much?

It's an honor to have you here!