How to store and freeze your meals

Here our top 5 tips for freezing and storing your delicious meals!
  1. Portion, cut, and chop up ingredients the way you want to serve them. Otherwise, you'll end up with large chunks of frozen food that can't be separated until reheated.
  2. Don't freeze foods while they're still hot. Let them cool at room temperature, or place them in the fridge first for a couple of hours before moving to the freezer.
  3. Use freezer-friendly bags instead of rigid containers. You can freeze your meals flat, which helps them freeze and reheat more evenly. 
  4. Remove as much air as possible from bags before sealing and freezing. It prevents freezer burn and helps food last longer.
  5. Label your bags to quickly identify the meal you want to reheat. Unless you want to have a surprise meal, which I am not entirely opposed to, lol! It is also good to write other helpful information, like dates, portions, etc. When using our Silicone Storage Bags, we have found out that the best way to label them is either using a dry erase marker (conveniently included with your set of bags) or a chalkboard marker.


Labeling Green Silicone Bag with different type of markersWoman holding labeled green silicone bag

Our bags are microwave, oven, and stove safe, but don't forget to remove the plastic slider first!
We hope you can find these tips useful! Please share with us any other tips you have.