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Multipurpose Swedish Dishcloths Sets


You will never want to go back to sponges or regular dishtowels when you see how our reusable Swedish Dishcloths work. They soften when wet and quickly dry hard to prevent bacteria and mold growth. They are safe to use on all surfaces and can be used with just water, soap, or cleaners. 

One Swedish Dishcloth replaces 17 rolls of paper towels! They absorb 20x their weight, they are far more hygienic than a sponge, and depending on use and care, they can last up to 12 months!

Wash dishes, wipe down countertops, clean appliances, and pick up spills and messes in no time. They can do anything a sponge can do and most of the things a paper towel can do.

These are made of 70% sustainable wood pulp and 30% cotton, which makes them all-natural, anti-bacterial, and compostable.

Measurements: 6.75 x 7.6 in. 


For a deeper clean:

  • Washing machine - any temperature. To limit the possibility of colors running, do not leave wet for the first few cycles. DO NOT TUMBLE DRY.
  • Dishwasher - place on the top rack.
  • Microwave - microwave wet for 1 min.
  • Boil in a pot.

When they reach the end of their life cycle, simply return them to the Earth. Put them in your compost bin or bury them and start a new one guilt-free.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jean B
I love the Multipurpose Swedish Dishcloths Set

These dishcloths are so cute and I love using them. They last for such a long time and are absorbent and wash out so easily. These are way better than a yucky old sponge. The package was wrapped in a lovely way and included a few extra goodies! Thank you!

Thank you so much for this wonderful review Jean! We appreciate you and we hope you'll continue to enjoy your Swedish dishcloths! :)

Michelle Carter
Great Designs!

Love ❤️ these Swedish dishcloths. Not only are they sustainable, and affordable, but they are also very bright and happy designs. These are a win-win!

Edye Wagstaff
Swedish Dishcloths are the Best!!!

I have loved these dish cloths forever. Every home should have some!

Ella R
These are perfect!

I will need to order more, these are awesome. Very durable and cute. You know they are really great when the kids suddenly want to clean things!

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